AAP MP’s medical report surfaces, mentions injuries to face, leg – India TV

Swati Maliwal
Image Source : PTI Swati Maliwal

In the latest development in the Swati Maliwal assault fiasco, the medical report of the AAP MP has surfaced. The medical report, clearly shows that she has an injury on her left leg and marks under the right eye. The total injury marks are at four places. When Swati reached the hospital for medical treatment, she said that she was hit on the head.

She fell and hit her legs along with injuries in the stomach, legs, pelvis and chest. India Tv - Swati Maliwal's medical report

Image Source : INDIA TVSwati Maliwal’s medical report

CCTV footage surfaces

In another development, a fresh CCTV footage of May 13 showing Aam Aadmi Party MP Swati Maliwal being escorted out of the Chief Minister’s residence in Delhi surfaced on Saturday, a day after the AAP released the video of the drawing room where the alleged assault on the MP took place by Arvind Kejriwal’s Personal Assistant Bibhav Kumar. 

The Maliwal assault case has picked pace and the investigation into the assault allegation by the MP against Kejriwal’s PA has also begun. In the process, a new CCTV footage has come out in which Maliwal could be seen being taken out of the CM House.

What’s there in the CCTV footage?

In the first part of the latest video that has surfaced, Maliwal is seen being escorted out of the CM residence by the security personnel, holding her hand. Once out of the house, she was seen complaining to police personnel. In the second part of the video dated May 17, a visible ‘injured’ Maliwal is seen going to the Delhi court where she is seen walking very cautiously with the help of another woman.

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