Andhra Doctor Saves 6-Year-Old’s Life By Giving CPR Along The Road

Video: Andhra Doctor Saves 6-Year-Old's Life By Giving CPR Along The Road

The incident was reported from Andhra Pradesh’s Vijaywada


A doctor in Andhra Pradesh came to the rescue of a six-year-old boy and saved his life after he fell unconscious earlier this month.

The incident was reported from Andhra Pradesh’s Vijaywada on May 5.

The boy had fallen unconscious after suffering an electric shock. The doctor noticed the distressed parents carrying the child and immediately performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on him along the road itself.

The doctor’s life-saving efforts continued for about five minutes before the boy regained consciousness.

The video of the doctor performing CPR on the boy has now gone viral.

“A doctor passing by noticed a distressed father carrying his son and immediately stopped to assess the situation. Realizing the severity of the boy’s condition-no breathing and a weak pulse-the doctor wasted no time in administering Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) right on the roadside. After five minutes, the boy began breathing again. The boy was then shifted to the nearest hospital. Following a 24-hour observation period, the boy was discharged,” a post on X said.

The swift and decisive intervention by the doctor not only saved a precious life but also garnered appreciation from the online community.

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