Bhupesh Baghel likely to retain state for Congress, BJP improves tally: India TV-CNX Opinion Poll

India TV Opinion Poll
Image Source : INDIA TV Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel

Chhattisgarh Opinion Poll: Congress is going to retain power with a reduced majority in next month’s Chhattisgarh assembly election, says India TV-CNX opinion poll survey, results of the opinion poll were telecast today on the news channel. The opinion poll projections show, in a House of 90 assembly seats, Congress may win 50 seats, compared to the 68 seats it had won five years ago.  

The main Opposition party BJP may win 38 seats, compared to only 15  seats it had won five years ago, according to the survey. ‘Others’ including independents and local parties may win the remaining two seats compared to the seven they had won in 2018. Vote share projections show Congress may get 45 per cent votes, BJP may get 42 per cent, and ‘Others’ may get 13 per cent votes.  


Region-wise, India TV-CNX poll projections show: 

  • In northern Sarguja having 14 seats, Congress may win 8 and BJP may get six seats.  
  • In southern Bastar having 12 seats, Congress may get eight and BJP may get four seats. 
  • In Central Chhattisgarh having 64 seats, Congress may win 34 seats, BJP may win 28 seats, and the remaining two seats may go to ‘Others’.  


  • 20 per cent of voters said unemployment is the main issue in this election, while another 20 per cent of voters said, ‘development’ is the main issue for them.
  • 16 per cent said corruption is the main issue, while 15 per cent said price rise is the main issue for them. 
  • 14 per cent of voters said Hindutva is the main issue, while eight per cent said ‘law and order’ is the top issue for them.

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