Boney Kapoor Reveals His 1st Wife Mona ‘Knew’ About His Feelings for Sridevi: ‘I Didn’t Deny…’

Boney Kapoor reveals that his first wife Mona was aware about his relationship with Sridevi.

Boney Kapoor reveals that his first wife Mona was aware about his relationship with Sridevi.

Mona Shourie Kapoor was married to Boney Kapoor from 1983 to 1996 and had two children, son Arjun Kapoor and daughter Anshula Kapoor.

Film producer Boney Kapoor has got candid about his personal life. Boney, who is currently gearing up for the release of his production Maidaan, reveals that his first wife Mona Shourie Kapoor was aware about his feelings for Sridevi when they were still married. Boney said that even though he felt guilty about falling in love with Sridevi while he was still married to Mona, he was very honest to his first wife about his feelings for the late legendary actress

While Boney has son Arjun Kapoor and daughter Anshula Kapoor from his first marriage with Mona, he and Sridevi share two daughters together – Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor. Arjun was “deeply hurt” by his father’s decision to marry Sridevi after parting ways with his mother in 1996. Boney and Mona were never officially divorced.

Talking about Arjun’s reaction to his marriage with late Sridevi, Boney Kapoor, in a recent interview with Times Now, said, “I didn’t retaliate only because I knew where he was coming from.” He continued, “She (Mona) very well knew what my feelings were for Sri. In fact, Sri had stayed in her house much before we got married and I went out of my way in a lot of ways where she was concerned. So, she could see it and I didn’t deny it.”

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with News18 Showsha, Boney spoke at length about his children’s relationships. While Arjun is currently dating Malaika Arora, Janhvi is in a relationship with Shikhar Pahariya. Khushi, on the other hand, is reportedly seeing Vedang Raina of The Archies fame.

“It’s their personal life. I can talk to them just once or twice and share my opinion. But the thing is that children, today, mature much faster as compared to our generation. You can’t push them into toeing the line or thinking in the way you do,” he told us.

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