Consulting is one of the best industries to work in, Glassdoor says

Tech has long been considered one of the most desirable industries to work in. That’s in part because of its comparatively high salaries. A senior technical program manager at Amazon makes between $119,000 and $231,400 per year, for example, and a software engineer at Microsoft makes between $94,300 and $182,600 per year in most of the U.S. These companies often offer benefits like ample paid time off as well.

But other industries can offer comparable salaries and benefits. Job search site Glassdoor recently released its Best Places to Work report based on current and former employee reviews. They singled out the best industries to work for based on the ones that showed up most on the list.

Though it still topped the list, “tech is a little bit less popular this year just because of the news that they’ve had around layoffs and fears of recession,” says Daniel Zhao, lead economist at Glassdoor. As such, industries like consulting “are making a bit of a resurgence” in popularity.

Twelve consulting companies made it onto Glassdoor’s list, making it the second best industry to work for after tech. That includes the No. 1 company to work for altogether, Bain & Company.  

Here’s what it takes to get a job in the industry.

Consultants help solve problems for clients

Jobs ‘are a great stepping stone’

Qualifications to become a consultant vary depending on your clients’ industry.

Most need at least a bachelor’s degree and some experience in the field to get hired, according to jobsite Indeed. For instance, if you’re interested in consulting marketing firms, it might behoove you to work in marketing for a couple of years before switching over. Many consultants get degrees in business administration or economics. Others might need certain certifications and an MBA to be considered.

Consulting firms on Glassdoor’s list of best companies to work for include McKinsey & Company, Booz Allen Hamilton and Huron Consulting Group. Many offer early career opportunities like entry-level jobs and summer internships.

These companies “tend to offer really great career opportunities,” says Zhao. “They are a great stepping stone for people looking to start their careers.”

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