For Kriti Sanon, “Skin Prep” Comes First With This Easy 3-Step Routine Including An Ice Facial
For Kriti Sanon, “Skin Prep” Comes First With This Easy 3-Step Routine Including An Ice Facial

Kriti Sanon has a very holistic and wholesome approach towards her lifestyle. While keeping up with her cinematic art performances, the actress has a penchant towards a balanced way of moving forward which includes her fitness and skincare routines as well. For any beauty fanatic, a celebrity-approved hack is always a winner and Kriti gave us one with her latest video. That glow-from-within is always in fashion and the Shehzada actress has her own routine to achieve it. The latest entry in her beauty diaries is her video of skincare rituals that she does before applying makeup. Turns out, prepping the skin is the most essential part of her routine. In the video, Kriti starts off by dipping her face in ice water which helps in soothing the muscles and revives the skin. Next, she applies a gel-textured cream followed by sunscreen and a balm to prep the skin before she does her makeup. Her uncomplicated prep routine could be an easy way to get that glow.

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Kriti Sanon is a beauty enthusiast and often has offered us a sneak peek of her curated beauty routine. Recently, the actress gave us a glimpse of her “me time” which included a relaxing nighttime skincare session. In the video, Kriti removed her makeup and then indulging in a skincare routine that involved cleansing, moisturising the skin and then applying a lip balm to top it all.

Kriti takes her skincare routine very seriously. Her beauty videos have garnered the interest of many. In yet another skincare video, the actress gave us an insight into her post-pack-up routine which is all about the double cleanse method. She first removed the makeup using micellar water or cleansing balm that helps in getting rid of all the dirt, SPF and makeup. For the final step, she used a face wash for that perfectly cleansed skin.

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Kriti Sanon is truly our skincare guru by all means.

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