Hamas releases 12 more hostages, Isreal 30 Palestinian prisoners on first day of extended truce deal

Israel-Hamas war, hostages released, prisoners
Image Source : AP Israel and Hamas have been releasing prisoners and hostages respectively as part of the truce deal

Israel-Hamas war: As the temporary truce between Israel and Hamas held for a fifth day Tuesday, the militant group released 12 more hostages including two foreign nationals. According to reports, the hostages mainly included elderly people including two Thai citizens. 

Moreover, Israel has also confirmed the identities of these ten hostages. One of the hostages included Ditza Heiman, an 81-year-old woman who locked herself in the safe room during the Hamas attacks on October 7. 

Israel-Hamas truce deal 

As part of an initial four-day truce agreement, approximately 50 Israeli hostages have been released since Friday. Israel had also agreed to halt its military operations in Gaza for four days and outlined that it would release three Palestinian security prisoners for each of the 50 hostages freed from Gaza. Further, Hamas also freed 17 Thai nationals, a Philippines national, and a dual Israeli-Russian national.

Meanwhile, Israel released 30 Palestinian prisoners on Tuesday as a part of an extended truce deal. The Israel Prisons Service acknowledged that it has assisted in the release of 30 Palestinian prisoners as part of the deal to free Israeli hostages in Gaza. According to the media report, the released prisoners include 15 women and 15 minors. 

Israeli Prime Minister’s statement

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that his country is committed to ensuring the return of all hostages, the elimination of Hamas and the promise that Gaza will no longer pose a threat to Israeli citizens. “We are committed to continuing our mission: the return of all our abductees, the elimination of Hamas above and below ground, and the promise that Gaza will no longer pose a threat to the citizens of Israel,” the Israeli PM posted on ‘X’.

Israel-Hamas war


On Tuesday, Israel and Hamas also agreed to extend the temporary truce by two days, paving the way for the release of some 20 more people held hostage by the militant group. Israel has vowed to resume the war with “full force” to destroy Hamas once it’s clear that no more hostages will be freed under the deal. 

It should be mentioned here that more than 13,300 Palestinians have been killed since the war began, roughly two-thirds of them women and minors, according to the Health Ministry in Hamas-ruled Gaza. Meanwhile, over 1,200 people have also been killed on the Israeli side, mostly civilians killed in the initial attack.

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