Hamas Threatens To Kill Hostages As Israel Vows To Finish War

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Hamas Threatens To Kill Hostages As Israel Vows To 'Finish War'

Israel Hamas Live: As per reports, at least 100 people have been taken hostage by Hamas

The war between Israel and terrorist group Hamas has claimed over 1,500 lives in the last three days, with the Palestinian group threatening to kill hostages if Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip continued. The armed wing of the terror group said “every targeting of our people without warning” will be responded to by executing the civilians taken hostage by them. As per reports, at least 100 people have been taken hostage by the group. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to turn Hamas-controlled areas “to rubble”, raising concern from United Nations over possible “humanitarian law” violations. The prime minister said that  Israel “did not start this war but “will finish it”. “Israel is at war. We didn’t want this war. It was forced upon us in the most brutal and savage way. But though Israel didn’t start this war, Israel will finish it,” said he said.

Here are the Updates on the Israel-Hamas War:

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NDTV Ground Report: At An Israeli Hospital, A Call For Help
Ambulances enter the hospital parking, with their sirens blaring at high decibels, carrying Israelis wounded in the ongoing clash with Hamas. Paramedics, working overtime, run to the wounded, put them on stretchers & rush to the emergency department.

“Saudi Stands By Palestinians”: Crown Prince As Israel-Gaza War Escalates

Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler told Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas he was working to prevent “an expansion” of conflict after the surprise Hamas attack on Israel, Saudi state media said early Tuesday. Read more 
“Stand By Palestinian People,” Says Saudi Amid Israel-Hamas Tensions

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman assured Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas that the country will “stand by the Palestinian people to achieve their legitimate rights to a decent life, achieve their hopes and aspirations, and achieve just and lasting peace,” a report said. The leader said he was working to prevent “an expansion” of war that broke out after the Hamas attack.

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