Hitch In Climate Change Talks At G20 As China, Saudi Harden Stance

Hitch In Climate Change Talks At G20 As China, Saudi Harden Stance

G20 Summit: China and Saudi Arabia are opposing drastic steps for phasing out fossil fuels.

New Delhi:

With just hours left for the G20 Summit to begin, climate change is already turning to be a contentious point among the leaders, sources said.

The language of the climate commitment is appearing to be a hurdle, with the grouping divided on commitments to phasing down fossil fuel use, increasing renewable energy targets and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

China and Saudi Arabia have raised concerns over drastic steps like phasing out fossil fuels.

Moreover, India and other developing countries are pushing for developed nations to fulfil their commitments, whereas the developed countries want all nations to mitigate their climate-related targets.

Some countries also feel COP 28 (an UN conference), to be held later this year, is the right forum to discuss the environment-related issues.

Meanwhile, PM Modi has stressed on climate action being about what needs to be done and sticking to that, and not what is not feasible.

G20 Sherpas (or negotiators) have made progress on several issues and are trying to get a consensus on the leaders’ declaration.

Three key climate issues will be on the table in New Delhi: a push to triple global renewable energy capacity by 2030; weaning economies off fossil fuels — particularly coal; and finance for the green transition in developing countries.

In July, G20 energy ministers failed to even mention coal in their final statement, let alone agree a phase down roadmap, and there was no progress on the renewables goal.

The other issue that is expected to be a major talking point during the two-day summit is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. India is trying its best to hammer out a consensus and not let the presidency get overshadowed by Ukraine conflict.

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