How to turn on iPhone Stolen Device Protection

Having your phone stolen can be frustrating enough without the thief also hacking into your apps and draining your bank accounts.

While you may still lose your phone or have it stolen, a new iPhone feature aims to protect you from further troubles. Apple’s newly released Stolen Device Protection makes it more difficult for an unauthorized user to access and change sensitive information like your passwords or Face ID.

The feature — available with the iOS 17.3 software update — was announced late last year after a Wall Street Journal investigation revealed how thieves were taking advantage of iPhone users fairly simply. The update rolled out to users on Monday.

Previously, scammers could obtain an iPhone user’s passcode or already-unlocked phone and turn off existing theft protections like Activation Lock and Lost Mode. Thieves were further able to use your existing passcode or update the Face ID to their own in order to take control of your phone, potentially including your banking and payment apps.

Here’s how Stolen Device Protection aims to prevent that, and how you can activate it on your phone.

Keep your phone close and sensitive information closer

How to turn on Stolen Device Protection 

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