In Japan, People Are Renting “Handsome Weeping Boys” To Wipe Away Tears

In Japan, People Are Renting 'Handsome Weeping Boys' To Wipe Away Tears

Companies can choose from a selection of handsome weeping boys.

Tokyo offices are experiencing an unconventional approach to ease workplace stress. At a cost of 7,900 yen, roughly Rs 4,400, people in Japan can access the services of Ikemeso Danshi, providing attractive companions referred to as “Handsome Weeping Boys.”

Apart from their superficial appeal, these professionals who wipe tears are challenging societal norms by providing comfort through shared tears and establishing emotional connections in the workplace.

Hiroki Terai conceived Ikemeso Danshi after witnessing the profound impact of collective weeping, leading him to enter the industry. This distinctive initiative, founded on the principle of rui-katsu or “tear-seeking,” aims to establish an environment where emotional expression is not merely tolerated but embraced and honoured.

The service offers customers access to a diverse array of “Ikemeso boys,” meticulously selected and presented in an online catalogue. From the rugged ‘Showa face adult Ikemeso boy’ to the refined ‘healing Mista-Tokyo Ikemeso boy,’ each professional is adept at gently wiping tears, participating in communal sobbing sessions, and even watching poignant videos until emotions are expressed.

Terai, a proponent of the therapeutic advantages of shedding tears, expressed his purpose to the BBC, stating, “I want Japanese individuals to shed tears not only at home but also in the workplace. When you cry at work, there’s a highly negative perception – your colleagues might hesitate to approach you.”

The entrepreneur advocates that accepting vulnerability in professional environments can promote emotional wellness, confronting the social stigma linked to displaying emotions openly in public settings.

Companies can choose from a selection of handsome weeping boys. One is a trained dentist who does this as a sideline, while others play the part of a gymnast, a funeral director or shoe shiner, BBC reported.

Apart from Ikemeso Danshi, Tokyo has seen a rise in similar ventures, including non-sexual cuddling sessions and rent-a-friend services, the media outlet reported.

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