Indonesia Woman Discovers She Attended Husband’s Previous Wedding When She Was 9

Indonesia Woman Discovers She Attended Husband's Previous Wedding When She Was 9

They got married in 2020 and gave birth to a child a year later.

In a strange occurrence, a woman from Indonesia recently discovered that she attended the previous wedding of her husband. Twenty-four-year-old Renata Fadhea married her husband who is 38 years older than her. She later realised that she had met him 15 years before when she was only nine, as per a report in the South China Morning Post.

Ms Fadhea said that she lost contact with the man for several years. She took to TikTok to post a video of her strange experience and it quickly went viral on the application.

The viral clip showed a group picture from her husband’s last wedding in 2009, in which Ms Fadhea, then nine years old, stood next to her now-62-year-old husband. In a subsequent video, she clarified that she had attended the wedding as a guest and that the couple were distant cousins. Her spouse is her aunt’s nephew, which adds another twist to their narrative.

She further stated that they did not know each other but their paths crossed again in 2019. They got married in 2020 and gave birth to a child a year later.

In 2019, she noticed the coincidence while checking her husband’s second wedding album. According to Ms Fadhea, she was not the reason for the separation since her husband and his second wife divorced in 2011. Notably, he only has one child from the first marriage and none from the second.

However, Ms Fadhea’s video shocked many on the internet with several people questioning the age gap between her and her husband.

“I don’t understand, but I hope he does not get divorced this time,” said a person.

Another added, “See? As long as you have money, it’s fine, even with a 38-year age difference.”

“Her husband’s face was old, but now it seems to look younger,” said a person
“Met by chance when a child, reunited as a grown-up, it’s fate,” another commented.

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