Iran Says Launched Drones, Missiles At Israel

Israel-Iran Tensions LIVE Updates: Iran Says Launched Drones, Missiles At Israel

Israel-Iran LIVE: Israeli Channel 12 said missiles Iran had launched would likely strike sooner.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps said it launched dozens of drones and missiles at Israel on Saturday, an attack that may trigger a major escalation between the regional archenemies, with the U.S. pledging to back Israel.

Israel’s military said the drones, which Iraqi security sources said were seen flying over the country from Iran, would take hours to reach their targets.

Israeli Channel 12 said missiles Iran had launched would likely strike sooner but that some missiles and drones had been shot down over Syria or Jordan.

Here are the LIVE updates on Israel-Iran Tensions:

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France Foreign Minister Condemns Iran Strikes On Israel As Threat To Stability

France’s Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne on Saturday condemned Iran’s drone strikes on Israel as a “new level” in the threat to security.

“France condemns with the greatest firmness the attack launched by Iran against Israel,” he said on the platform X.

“In deciding to take this unprecedented action, Iran has reached a new level of destabilisation and is risking a military escalation,” he added, reiterating France’s commitment to Israel’s security.

Netanyahu Holds War Cabinet Meet As Iran Launches Drone Strikes At Israel

Iran Launched More Than 100 Drones: Israel

Iran launched more than 100 drones towards Israel, and more can be expected, an Israeli army official said Sunday.

“This evening we’ve identified more than 100 UAV drones launched towards Israel from Iran,” the official said, adding: “We expect the drones to be here in the following hours and we might see some more waves of drones as time progresses.”

“Operating At Full Force To Defend State”: Israel As Iran Launches Drone Strikes

Sirens Sounded In Israel Kibbutz Near Lebanon Border: Army

The Israeli army said it sounded sirens in a kibbutz near the Lebanon border early Sunday, after Iran launched a drone attack on Israel.

“Sirens sounded in Kibbutz Snir, northern Israel,” the army said in a statement.

Jordan, Iraq Close Airspace As Iran Launches Drone Strikes On Israel

Shortly before Iran launched drones towards Israel in response to its air strike on the latter’s embassy in Syria, Jordan temporarily closed its airspace for all incoming, departing and transit aircraft, The Times of Israel reported, citing state-owned Al Mamlaka news on Saturday.

Two flights from the Emirati airline Fly Dubai turned back towards the United Arab Emirates after taking off en route for Israel, ostensibly due to concerns over an Iranian threat or the decision by Jordan to close its airspace, The Times of Israel reported, citing local media outlet Channel 12.

Lebanon Closes Airspace As Iran Strikes Israel

Lebanon closed its airspace and suspended air traffic late Saturday, after Iran launched a drone attack on Israel, the transport minister said.

“Lebanese airspace has been closed to all aircraft… temporarily and as a precaution”, Ali Hamie posted on X, adding that the measure would be in effect from 2200 GMT on Saturday until 0400 GMT on Sunday.

Rishi Sunak Condemns “Reckless’ Iran Strikes On Israel

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak condemned as “reckless” late Saturday Iran’s drone and missile attack on Israel, adding that Britain would “continue to stand up for Israel’s security”.

“Alongside our allies, we are urgently working to stabilise the situation and prevent further escalation. No one wants to see more bloodshed,” Sunak said in a statement.

Netanyahu Holds Israel War Cabinet Meeting: Prime Minister’s Office

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s war cabinet is meeting in Tel Aviv, his office said Sunday, after Iran launched a drone attack on Israel.

“Netanyahu is convening the War Management Cabinet at this time, in Kirya in Tel Aviv,” the prime minister’s office said.

Iran Strikes “Severe And Dangerous Escalation”: Israel

The Iranian drone attack under way against Israel marks a “severe and dangerous escalation,” Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari said Sunday.

“We are closely monitoring Iranian killer drones that are en route to Israel sent by Iran. This is a severe and dangerous escalation,” Rear Admiral Hagari said.

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