Israel Defence Forces Daring Operation To Rescue Hostages From Hamas Bunker

Video: Israel Army's Daring Operation To Rescue Hostages From Hamas Bunker

The Israel’s Defence Forces said 250 hostages were rescued.

New Delhi:

The Israel’s Defence Forces (IDF) today released footage showing and elite unit rescuing over 250 hostages near the Gaza security fence. Sixty Hamas terrorists were also killed as the Israel’s military’s “Shayetet 13” unit stormed the Sufa outpost.

The IDF said 250 hostages were rescued, while “over 60 Hamas terrorists were neutralised and 26 were apprehended, including Muhammad Abu A’ali, the Deputy Commander of the Hamas southern Naval Division.”

In the video released, the Israeli soldiers can be seen going inside the building and gun shots can be heard. A soldier is seen firing from behind cover and another throws a grenade at the outpost.  

“Go on, light them up. Clear, clear”, a soldier can be heard as they scan the premises. Another soldier can be seen escorting a hostage out of the bunker. He is the held against the wall, “Put a pistol to him. I got him”, he says.

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The soldiers then went inside the bunker and assured the hostages that they are here to “save” them and if they need “any first aid”.

Later in the footage, soldiers can be seen carrying a stretcher.

Today, marks the seventh day of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war with peace proposals nowhere on the table. At least 1,200 have died in Israel and another 1,400 in Gaza strip since the war began. Besides, the bodies of 1,500 Hamas operatives were found in the Israeli territory, the government has claimed.

The unit was deployed to the area surrounding the Gaza security fence in a joint effort to regain control of the Sufa military post on October 7.

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