Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah faces allegations of ‘cash for transfer’ scandal; vows retirement if guilty
Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah faces allegations of ‘cash for transfer’ scandal; vows retirement if guilty

Image Source : PTI/FILE PHOTO Bengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah addresses during an event.

In a escalating political drama, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is under fire from JD(S) state president H D Kumaraswamy, who accuses him and his son Yathindra of involvement in a “cash for transfer” racket. Siddaramaiah, responding to the allegations, declared on Sunday that he would retire from politics if proven guilty, challenging critics to substantiate their claims even in a single case.

Siddaramaiah dismissed Kumaraswamy’s attacks, emphasizing the alleged misconduct during Kumaraswamy’s own tenure. The Chief Minister countered, asserting, “They took money during his tenure. In our tenure, we have not taken any money.” He appeared resolute, expressing a reluctance to engage in a war of words on social media, stating, “Let him tweet a hundred times, I don’t want to reply.”

Continuing his assault, Kumaraswamy implicated an official mentioned in the phone conversation in the recent transfer list of police inspectors. Accusing Yathindra of acting as a “Super Chief Minister,” Kumaraswamy even called for Siddaramaiah’s resignation over a video clip.

In a series of posts on social media platform ‘X,’ Kumaraswamy accused Siddaramaiah of outsourcing his Varuna constituency to Yathindra, questioning the constitutional validity of such an arrangement. He highlighted Yathindra’s tenure representing Varuna from 2018-2023, suggesting Siddaramaiah ensured him a Karnataka Development Programme post in the segment, referring to it as a backdoor entry to power.

Kumaraswamy raised eyebrows by questioning Siddaramaiah’s interpretation of CSR, alleging it now stands for “Corrupt Son Of Siddaramaiah.” He insinuated that Yathindra might be overseeing Corporate Social Responsibility for 224 constituencies in the state.

The political tension continues to escalate as both leaders exchange accusations, leaving the fate of Siddaramaiah’s political career hanging in the balance.

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