Kerala: High waves wreak havoc, damage homes in Kollam

Image Source : ANI Kerala: High waves wreak havoc and damage homes in Kollam.

Residents of Kollam city in Kerala found themselves in distress as high waves breached coastal defenses, leading to significant damage to several houses in the area. Residents took to the streets, staging protests to draw attention to their plight after water inundated their homes. The Mundakkal-Eravipuram coastal road was blocked by protesters who were compelled to cook meals on the streets due to the flooding.

Repeated appeals to officials

Expressing frustration, residents revealed that they have been grappling with this issue for the past three months and have repeatedly approached authorities for assistance, to no avail. Congress leader Bindu Krishna joined the protests, condemning the lack of action by officials despite multiple complaints.

Call for compensation

With approximately five houses damaged by the flooding, locals are demanding compensation from the administration for repairs. They emphasized the need for financial support to rebuild homes and ensure the safety of the affected residents.

Urgent action required

Residents expressed fear and anxiety over the situation, emphasising the urgency of addressing their grievances. They called for immediate action to provide relief and assistance to those impacted by the flooding, highlighting the vulnerability of coastal communities to natural disasters.

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