Macron Shares Glimpses From “Exceptional” India Visit Republic Day In New Video

Macron Shares Glimpses From 'Exceptional' India Visit In New Video

He said India is going to be on the front row in the world’s transformation


President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday posted a video highlighting a glimpse from his recent visit to India during the Republic Day celebrations and stressed that France wants to have “more and more investments” in India.

Praising India, he stated that India is going to be on the front row in the world’s transformation.

“We have got everything to say to a country like India, a democratic power, a demographic, economic and a technological as well, which is going to be front row at the world’s transformation,” President Macron said in the video posted on X.

Posting the video with the caption “A look back at an exceptional trip in India”, Macron further said, “For us, having chai tea is a habit.”

Macron said he felt “extremely honoured” to be a part of the 75th Republic Day celebrations in the national capital.

“We were extremely honoured to be part of such an important and unique day. This is in our memories for ever,” he added.

Further boasting the good relationship between the two countries, the French President stated that even if the relations between the two countries are good, the countries can still do much more.

“We developed during the past few years a series of cooperations and partnerships in different sectors with your country. And clearly, we want to make more and more investments. Even if the relationship is very good, we can do much more. Everything’s good so far,” the video stated.

Additionally, he emphasised that they want to have 30,000 students in France coming from India by 2030.

The French President visited India on the invitation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and was the chief guest at the 75th Republic Day celebrations on January 26.

President Droupadi Murmu and PM Narendra Modi warmly greeted him as he arrived at Kartavya Path. French contingents marched alongside Indian forces during the parade.

In a reaffirmation of the longstanding friendship between India and France, President Emmanuel Macron said, “Long live the friendship between France and India.”

At the outset of his address during a banquet hosted by President Droupadi Murmu, Macron expressed heartfelt gratitude for the warm welcome extended to his delegation.

Macron shared his appreciation for the unique bond that transcends time and shared values.

The French President acknowledged the exceptional welcome and recalled the five years since his last state visit, expressing his pleasure at returning to India after the resounding success of India’s G20.

Macron recounted his visit to Jaipur, with Prime Minister Modi showcasing the symbolic moments that resonated with historical significance.

Moreover, India and France adopted a roadmap for the defence-industrial partnership during French President Emmanuel Macron’s state visit for Republic Day celebrations.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Emmanuel Macron also reaffirmed their vision that the India-France Strategic Partnership can help build prosperity and resilience in their economies, advance their countries’ security, and create a more sustainable and healthier future for the planet.

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