Madhya Pradesh Couple’s Police Station Aarti Lands Them In Trouble

The couple even tried to garland the inspector as a symbolic gesture to embarrass him.


A couple in Madhya Pradesh reached a police station and performed ‘aarti’ of an official, not as a mark of respect but to vent their frustration over the police’s alleged inaction in a theft complaint. The couple even tried to garland the inspector and put a shawl on him as a symbolic gesture to embarrass him. The video of the incident that happened last week (April 6) is being widely shared on social media. Town inspector JP Patel, the focal point of the drama at the police station, was seen leaving his chamber after unsuccessfully trying to contain the situation.

The charade, however, has landed the couple – Anuradha and Kuldeep Soni – in a police case and drawn flak from the Madhya Pradesh High Court.

‘Action Meant To Insult Me’

The inspector said the police were still probing the theft case and criticised the couple’s action against him. “It was meant to insult me and obstruct the administrative work”.

“They recorded the incident at the police station and did a Facebook Live without any permission. We asked them to sit and discuss the matter. But, they didn’t listen,” said Mr Patel.

‘Theft’ Case That Sparked Police Station Drama

The couple, who has jewellery shops in Rewa and Mauganj districts, recently accused two of their servants – Arpit and Mukesh – of theft after nearly four kilograms of silver allegedly went missing. They also filed a complaint at the Rewa police station in January this year.

The accused, however, managed to go into hiding and later obtained bail from the Madhya Pradesh High Court.

The Sonis were allegedly upset as the accused seemed to get away with the alleged crime and they blamed the police for it.

The police have now registered a case against the couple for their unconventional way of protest. Even the High Court took note of the incident inside the police station, terming it as inappropriate.

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