Miss Universe 2023’s Miss Nepal Jane Dipika Garrett Makes A Gorgeous Case For Inclusivity As The Contests First Plus Size Participant

As The Contest's First Plus Size Participant, Miss Nepal 2023 Jane Dipika Garrett Makes A Gorgeous Case For Inclusivity

As A Plus Size Participant, Miss Nepal Jane Garrett Aces Inclusivity

For centuries, the ideal for women has been believed to be tall and leggy without a spot of flab in sight. That has been the female standard in media, appearance-led professions as well as in daily life. Fortunately 2023 is toppling that, starting with the Miss Universe 2023 pageant. Inclusivity was the core of this year’s contest as it witnessed delegates from all over the world, of various gender identities, statuses and sizes. Amongst them all, it was Miss Nepal 2023 Jane Dipika Garrett that broke new ground.

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The stunning pageant queen is the contest’s very first plus size participant. Jane caught the fancy of the world when she took the global stage during the swimsuit round. She strutted gloriously wearing a metallic green swimsuit with a plunging neckline, ruched waist and halter straps. Accessorizing the outfit were strap heels and oversized hoop earrings which she paired with coral toned makeup and her hair in full waves.

According to Jane’s bio on Instagram, Miss Nepal 2023 is also a nurse and entrepreneur who embraces body positivity and is a mental health advocate. When she made the cut for the top 20 of the Miss Universe pageant, Jane celebrated with a post, saying, “Top 20 baby! I’m grateful to all my fans and people who supported me. I gave my best and that’s what matters! I’m so proud to be representing real size beauty around the world and breaking the stereotypes of beauty pageants. So proud of the new Miss Universe and will forever cherish this season of my life that was life changing!” It’s a first-of-its-kind move for the Miss Universe 2023 pageant and a huge step for diversity in all shapes and sizes.

Jane has changed the face of inclusivity at the pageant level, one round at a time.

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