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Image Source : X/@SRINITHYANANDA The controversial self-styled godman and fugitive rape accused, Nithyananda.

Nithyananda, the controversial self-styled godman and fugitive rape accused, asserted that he has received a formal invitation to attend the grand opening of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, expressing excitement about the historic event. The “Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism,” as he refers to himself, took to social media platform X to announce his participation, emphasising the significance of Lord Rama’s invocation during the traditional Prana Pratishtha at the temple.

Legal background

Nithyananda, facing a rape case filed in 2010, claims to have received an invitation to the temple event despite his controversial legal history. Arrested earlier, he was released on bail, and in 2020, reports emerged that he had left the country.

Anticipation for Temple event

The Ram Temple consecration ceremony, eagerly awaited by many, is scheduled for tomorrow, with public access to the temple opening on January 23, marking a significant moment for devotees.

Nithyananda’s unusual background 

The self-proclaimed godman surfaced in 2020, asserting the creation of a new country called ‘Kailasa’ where he is the spiritual leader. However, doubts persist about the existence of this country, with followers sharing videos on social media suggesting ongoing developments.

Kailasa’s alleged location

Reports, including a BBC investigation, claimed that Nithyananda has established ‘Kailasa’ on an island off the coast of Ecuador. Yet, there are no verifiable visuals of the claimed location, and the Ecuadorian government has denied his presence in the country at that time.

Nithyananda’s assertion of attending the Ram Temple event adds a layer of controversy to the already debated figure’s narrative, blending legal intricacies with claims of spiritual leadership and the establishment of a purported country.

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