Nitish Kumar Takes Oath As Bihar Chief Minister. Partners BJP This Time

LIVE: Nitish Kumar Takes Oath As Bihar Chief Minister. Partners BJP This Time

Nitish Kumar took oath as Chief Minister for a record 9th time.


Nitish Kumar, who was uniting the Opposition to take on BJP until yesterday, took oath as Bihar Chief Minister on Sunday with BJP as the new alliance partner.

The Bihar leader dumped his partner RJD and resigned as Chief Minister earlier today. 

After meeting the governor, he said, “I have resigned from the post of chief minister today. The new Grand Alliance that we created (in August 2022) is not in a good condition. The situation is not looking good.”

Samrat Chaudhary and Vijay Sinha from the BJP are Mr Kumar’s new deputies.

Here are the LIVE updates on Bihar political crisis:

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Nitish Kumar Thanks PM Modi For His Wishes And Cooperation

“Addicted To This Kind Of Behaviour”: Sharad Pawar’s Party On Nitish Kumar’s Flip-Flops
The NCP (Sharad Pawar faction) on Sunday said Nitish Kumar will be remembered in political history as the “great paltu Ram” who loves jumping on command of BJP. “It is not surprising that he has done this ‘Volte – Face’ once again because he seems to be addicted to this kind of behaviour,” NCP national spokesperson Clyde Crasto said in a statement. The NCP dubbed BJP the “madari” of Nitish Kumar, who it said “loves jumping to their commands”.

“I Am Confident…”: PM Modi’s Message For New Team In Bihar

Shortly after Nitish Kumar took oath, a record ninth time, as Bihar Chief Minister with BJP as its partner, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent out congratulations to the new Bihar team and the Chief Minister. Samrat Chaudhary and Vijay Sinha, from the BJP, are Nitish Kumar’s new deputies. “The NDA government formed in Bihar will leave no stone unturned for the development of the state and to fulfil the aspirations of its people. Congratulate @NitishKumar ji on becoming Chief Minister and Samrat Chaudhary ji and Vijay Sinha ji on taking oath as Deputy Chief Ministers,” Mr Modi posted on X in Hindi. “I am confident that this team will serve my family members of the state with full dedication. @samrat4bjp @VijayKrSinhaBih,” the Prime Minister added.

Nitish Kumar Takes Oath As Bihar Chief Minister. Partners BJP This Time
Nitish Kumar, who was uniting the Opposition to take on BJP until yesterday, took oath as Bihar Chief Minister today with BJP as the new alliance partner.

“Better Late Than Never”: Ramdas Athawale As Nitish Kumar Partners BJP Again
Union minister Ramdas Athawale on Sunday welcomed JD(U) president Nitish Kumar’s decision to join the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance, calling it “better late than ever”. The central minister of state for social justice and empowerment said Mr Kumar has taken the right decision at the right time to be a part of the NDA.

How Strategist Prashant Kishor Reacted To Nitish Kumar’s Latest Flip-Flop
In sharp remarks on the Bihar power shift, poll strategist Prashant Kishor has called Chief Minister Nitish Kumar “paltumaar” and said flip-flops have become a part of his politics. Mr Kishor, who now heads the Jan Suraj organisation that may back some candidates in the next Bihar election, did not spare the BJP either and said its leaders, who were criticising Mr Kumar days back, are now welcoming him. ‘Paltumar’ means someone who keeps shifting his stand. In the wake of five political flip-flops in a decade, Mr Kumar is being described as ‘paltumar’ or ‘paltu kumar’ by critics. Read here

Tejashwi Yadav’s “Tired Chief Minister” Swipe After Nitish Kumar’s Exit
Tejashwi Yadav, Bihar’s deputy Chief Minister until a few hours ago, today termed his ex boss and ally, Nitish Kumar, a “tired Chief Minister”, as the latter pulled a big switcheroo and joined hands with the BJP again. Mr Yadav underlined that his party, the RJD, did the bulk of the work in the Nitish Kumar-led government, adding that such work has not been seen in years.

BJP Chief Urges Upendra Kushwaha To Attend Nitish Kumar’s Swearing-In

Before leaving for Patna, BJP President JP Nadda spoke to Upendra Kushwaha on phone and requested him to come to the swearing-in ceremony of Nitish Kumar.

Nitish Kumar’s Exit ‘Gain’ For INDIA Bloc: MK Stalin Party

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s exit from the Mahagathbandhan alliance and consequently the INDIA bloc to align with the BJP is a “loss” for the Saffron party and a “gain” for the opposition alliance, Tamil Nadu’s ruling DMK said on Sunday.

Reacting to Janata Dal (United) President and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s move, which is being seen as a body blow to the INDIA alliance, DMK spokesperson J Constandine Ravindran said, “People will never accept this act of betrayal.” Mr Ravindran told PTI.

“Though Mr Kumar is a veteran leader in Bihar, he has completely lost credibility. He has no integrity. Integrity and credibility are very important for a leader.” 

“People Will Give Befitting Reply”: Trinamool On Nitish Kumar’s Flip-Flop

The TMC on Sunday slammed JD(U) president Nitish Kumar for his “repeated political somersaults” after he dumped the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ in Bihar, and asserted that people will respond fittingly to such “opportunism”.

Mr Kumar resigned as Bihar chief minister earlier in the day, saying “things were not working well” for him in the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ he had joined less than 18 months ago and in the opposition bloc INDIA.

“Nitish Kumar is known for his political somersaults at regular intervals. It is unfortunate that he has decided to quit the opposition grouping INDIA and is likely to join the NDA. The people will give a befitting reply to such political opportunism,” Trinamool Congress MP Sougata Roy said. (PTI)

“BJP Decided In Bihar’s Favour”: Nityanand Rai On Tie-Up With Nitish Kumar

As Janata Dal (United) chief Nitish Kumar is set to form a new government with NDA in Bihar, Union Minister Nityanand Rai said that BJP took the decision in favour of Bihar people and now the state will move forward on the path of development.

“Today is an important day for Bihar. Nitish Kumar had said that RJD people were not allowing him to work and efforts were being made to create ‘Jungle Raj’. Now when BJP got Nitish ji’s proposal to form the government with us, BJP decided Bihar people’s favour and we will form the government with Nitish ji,” he said.

He further asserted that Bihar will now move forward on the path of development and we will win all 40 Lok Sabha seats of Bihar and PM Modi will be elected PM for the third time.

“Will Side With Centre’s Decision For Bihar’s Development”: Tarkishore Prasad

Former Bihar deputy chief minister Tarkishore Prasad said on Saturday that he will side with the centre’s decision in favour of development in the state of Bihar and the entire country.

“We side with the centre’s decisions for the development of Bihar and the country. What is important is how we can reduce crime in the state of Bihar. The leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi enhances prospects for Bihar in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2024. Bihar will make progress under his leadership. How Bihar can contribute to the nation’s development is crucial. There are many aspects on which central leadership is working,” said Tarkishore Prasad.

On being asked why deputy chief ministers keep changing in Bihar, Tarkishore answered, saying, “Political scenarios keep changing in the state of Bihar.”

“People Of Bihar Won’t Forgive Nitish Kumar This Time”: Congress Leader

Congress leader Tariq Anwar on Sunday slammed Bihar CM Nitish Kumar after he joined NDA to form a new government and said that the people of Bihar won’t forgive Nitish this time, adding “Bihar’s image has suffered a blow”.

Bringing closure to the fast-unravelling political events earlier in the day, Nitish handed his resignation letter to Governor Rajendra Arlekar along with letters of support from the BJP legislators.

“We have faced such challenges several times. The Opposition is strong here. RJD, Congress and Left will face this challenge together and I think the people of Bihar won’t forgive Nitish Kumar this time. The people of Bihar are being toyed with. They are being mocked. Bihar’s image has suffered a blow,” Tariq Anwar said.

“Political Opportunism”: Bengal BJP Leader On Nitish Kumar’s Resignation

Describing Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s volte-face as “political opportunism”, BJP MP from West Bengal Dilip Ghosh on Sunday said there should be an end to it.

Mr Ghosh, the former president of West Bengal BJP, was speaking to reporters after Kumar dumped the RJD and Congress, and joined hands with the BJP to form a new government in the state.

“A politician usually takes oath as CM once during a five-year term. But Nitish Kumar is such a politician, who takes oath at least twice or thrice during a five-year term, and that too from different camps each time,” he said.

“I think this is political opportunism and it is high time that such things must stop,” he added. (PTI)

“Nitish Kumar Has Crossed All Limits Of Switching Sides”: Jharkhand RJD

The Jharkhand unit of the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) Sunday labelled JD(U) president Nitish Kumar an “opportunist” after he dumped the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ in Bihar, and asserted that people in the neighbouring state will give a befitting reply in the assembly elections.

Mr Kumar resigned as Bihar chief minister earlier in the day, saying “things were not working well” for him in the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ he had joined less than 18 months ago and in the opposition bloc INDIA.

“There is a limit to switching sides, but Nitish Kumar has crossed all such limits. However, it is good for the RJD. People are now aware of his character,” Jharkhand RJD spokesperson and general secretary Manoj Yadav told PTI.

“People Will Teach Nitish Kumar A Lesson”: Jharkhand Congress Chief

Attacking Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for dumping the Mahagathbandhan, Jharkhand Congress president Rajesh Thakur said people would teach him a lesson in the future.

Speaking to PTI, Mr Thakur claimed that Kumar has established himself as an “opportunist” by frequently changing sides.

“There is an adage in Hindi that ‘jidhar dekha kheer, wahan gaye fir’ (take turn wherever there is an opportunity), and it fits Nitish Kumar well,” he said.

“People know him and will teach him a lesson. One Nitish Kumar will make no difference to the opposition bloc INDIA,” he added. (PTI)

Bihar Political Crisis LIVE: Nitish Kumar’s History Of U-Turns

June 2013: Nitish Kumar breaks alliance with BJP

2014: JD(U) Routed In Lok Sabha polls, Nitish Kumar resigns as chief minister

2014: Jitan Ram Manjhi becomes Bihar Chief Minister

Feb 2015: Nitish Kumar Becomes Chief Minister Again after fallout with Mr Manjhi

June 2015: Nitish, RJD and Congress form Grand Alliance in Bihar

July 2017: Nitish breaks alliance, goes with BJP again

August 2022: Nitish Kumar dumps BJP, goes with RJD

January 2023: Nitish Kumar resigned as Bihar chief minister to join NDA

Nitish Kumar, His 2 Deputies Likely To Take Oath At 5 pm Today

Janata Dal (United) chief Nitish Kumar left the Governor’s House along with MLAs after resigning as Bihar chief minister on Sunday.

Bringing closure to the fast-unravelling political events earlier in the day, Nitish handed his resignation letter to Governor Rajendra Arlekar along with letters of support from the BJP legislators.

Accepting his resignation letter, the Governor requested him to discharge his administrative duties as the caretaker chief minister till the new government takes shape.

It is understood that Nitish will take oath as the CM for the ninth time along with two deputy chief ministers from the BJP at the swearing-in ceremony on Sunday.

The oath-taking ceremony is scheduled to be held at 5 in the evening. The BJP and the JD(U) are keen to avoid a power vacuum in a state notorious for its political realignments. (ANI)

Bihar Political Crisis LIVE: 9 Ministers To Take Oath Today

Nine ministers, including Nitish Kumar and his two new deputies, are expected to take oath today. 

Jiten Ram Manjhi’s son Santosh Kumar Suman and an independent MLA are also likely to take oath with six ministers.

Nitish Kumar stakes claim to form new government in Bihar with BJP’s support
BREAKING: Nitish Kumar stakes claim to form new government in Bihar after getting letter of support from BJP.

Bihar Crisis LIVE: What BJP MP Ravi Shankar Prasad Said On Nitish Kumar’s Exit
If the main man (Nitish Kumar) behind this alliance says so, then there was no future (for INDIA alliance). There is no vacancy for the Prime Ministerial post. BJP will have a historic win in Lok Sabha polls and in Bihar we will win the whole 40 seats,” BJP MP Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Lalu Yadav’s Daughter Takes A Dig At Nitish Kumar After His Resignation

Former Chief Minister and RJD chief Lalu Yadav’s daughter, Rohini Acharya took a dig at Nitish Kumar after his resignation and said the ‘garbage is now back into the dustbin’.

“Garbage goes back into the dustbin Garbage – Happy stinking garbage to the group!” a rough translation from her post on X in Hindi read.

Bihar Crisis LIVE: Nitish Kumar On His Way To Raj Bhavan, May Stake Claim To Form Government

After resigning from the post of Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar is again on his way to the Governor’s House. He is being accompanied with Bihar BJP chief Samrat Chaudhary and Leader of Opposition in the Bihar assembly Vijay Sinha.

Nitish Kumar will be assisted by two Deputy Chief Ministers in the new government to be formed with the BJP’s support, sources have said.

Nitish Kumar, Lalu Prasad Poles Apart, Says Ex-Jharkhand Chief Minister

The BJP on Sunday termed Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s resignation claiming “things were not working well” for him in the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ as expected as the JD (U) president and RJD supremo Lalu Prasad were poles apart.

“Political turn of events in Bihar was expected …What I wonder is how a seasoned and honest politician like Nitish Kumar could continue so long with them (Mahagathbandhan),” Jharkhand BJP chief and former state chief minister Babulal Marandi told PTI.

Taking a dig at RJD supremo Prasad, Mr Marandi said “nature and signature of a person doesn’t change” and Nitish Kumar could realise this after such a long time.

“Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad are poles apart. One is synonymous with corruption and Nitish Ji is one of the few leaders in the country who is known for his honesty. Neither he is engaged in corruption nor in promoting dynastic patronage politics. In contrast, Lalu Prasad is neck-deep in corruption and dynastic politics,” Mr Marandi said. (PTI)

“Like Aaya Ram-Gaya Ram “: Mallikarjun Kharge On Nitish Kumar’s Exit

Sushil Kumar Modi Congratulates Nitish Kumar On Grand Alliance Exit
Former Deputy Chief Minister Of Bihar Sushil Kumar Modi today congratulated Nitish Kumar for exiting the Mahagathbadhan bloc.

BJP Hints At NDA Government Formation In Bihar As Nitish Kumar Quits
Following Nitish Kumar’s resignation from the post of Chief Minister, bringing an end to the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ rule in Bihar, Union Minister Giriraj Singh on Sunday said that the Bharatiya Janata Party will not allow Jungle Raj to return, indicating the formation of Nationalist Democratic Alliance-led government in the state.

The senior BJP leader thanked Nitish Kumar for severing ties with Lalu Prasad Yadav-led Rashtriya Janata Dal.

“I thank Nitish Kumar for resigning. I would only say to the people of Bihar that the BJP kept fighting against Jungle Raj till 2005. We kept making sacrifices and even at that time, on the strength of our organization, we projected Nitish Kumar for the post of Chief Minister only to get freedom from Jungle Raj. I was scared because of the way Lalu Yadav was pressuring Nitish Kumar. If this had not happened then Jungle Raj would have come again to Bihar. Now BJP will not allow Jungle Raj to return,” Mr Singh said while speaking to reporters here. (ANI)

Bihar Crisis LIVE: BJP MLAs Approve Proposal To Form Government With JDU: Party Leader

BJP MLAs have approved proposal to form NDA government in Bihar with JD(U) support, party leader Vinod Tawde told news agency PTI. 

“Bihar BJP president Samrat Choudhary elected leader of legislative party, Vijay Sinha elected deputy leader,” he added.

BREAKING: BJP Leaders Arrive At Bihar Chief Minister’s Residence

BJP’s Samrat Chaudhary, Vijay Sinha To Be Bihar Deputy Chief Ministers: Sources

Nitish Kumar to get two Deputy Chief Ministers from BJP, sources said. Samrat Chaudhary and Vijay Sinha will be his deputies, they added. 

JP Nadda To Reach Patna, Take part In Swearing-In Ceremony, Say Sources

BJP President JP Nadda will reach Patna around 4.45 pm to take part in Nitish Kumar’s swearing-in ceremony

JP Nadda To Reach Patna, Take part In Swearing-In Ceremony, Say Sources

BJP President JP Nadda will reach Patna around 4.45 pm to take part in Nitish Kumar’s swearing-in ceremony

Bihar Political Crisis: How Numbers Stack Up In Bihar Assembly As Nitish Kumar Heads To NDA

RJD is currently the single-largest party in the 243-member Bihar Assembly, with 79 MLAs. But even the RJD is 43 short of the halfway mark – 122. 

The BJP is the second biggest party in the assembly with a strength of 78 MLAs.

Here is how the numbers stack up in the Bihar assembly:

RJD – 79 MLAs

BJP – 78 MLAs

JD(U) – 45

Congress – 19

CPI (M-L) – 12

Hindustani Awam Morcha (Secular) – 4

CPI – 2

CPI (M) – 2


Independent MLA – 1

“Competition To Chameleons”: Congress Hits Out At Ex Ally Nitish Kumar

“Nitish Kumar, who frequently changes political partners, is giving tough competition to the chameleons in changing colours. The people of Bihar will not forgive the experts of this betrayal and those who made them dance on their tune. It is quite clear that the Prime Minister and the BJP are scared of the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra and this political drama has been created to divert attention from it,” Jairam Ramesh wrote in a post on X.

“Jai Shri Ram In Ayodhya, Paltu Ram In Bihar”: Sanjay Raut Attacks Nitish Kumar

Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut attacked Nitish Kumar after he resigned as Bihar Chief Minister.

“Jai Shri Ram in Ayodhya and Paltu Ram in Bihar. Nitish Kumar has a habit of forgetting.This decision will not make any difference in the politics of Bihar, BJP will have to bear the brunt of it in the Lok Sabha elections,” he said.

Bihar Governor shares picture of Nitish Kumar resigning

BREAKING: Nitish Kumar is now caretaker Chief Minister of Bihar

“Nobody Was Working”: Nitish Kumar On Opposition Alliance
“I did so much. I formed an Opposition alliance but nobody was working. It was bothering people,” he said.

“If Other Parties Decide…”: Nitish Kumar After Resigining
“Did not find the situation okay. Today, other parties if they decide, we will take a decision on that,” he said. 

“Condition Of New Alliance We Formed Was Not Good”: Nitish Kumar
“The condition of the new alliance that we formed was not good,” he said.

BREAKING: “I Have Resigned As Chief Minister”: Nitish Kumar

BREAKING: Nitish Kumar Addresses Media After Resigning

BREAKING: Nitish Kumar Resigns As Bihar Chief Minister
Nitish Kumar Resigns As Bihar Chief Minister

BREAKING: Nitish Kumar Reaches Raj Bhavan, Likely To Tender Resignation

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar has reached Raj Bhavan in Bihar ahead of his likely resignation.

“Were Considering Nitish Kumar To Fight BJP Till The End”: Congress’s Jairam Ramesh
“Nitish Kumar called the first meeting of opposition parties in Patna on 18th June 2023. The second meeting was held in Bengaluru on 17th-18th July 2023.  Then again on 31st August-1st September in Mumbai. Nitish Kumar played a prominent role in all three meetings, so we were considering Nitish Kumar to fight the BJP and its ideology till the very end,” Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said.

“Political turmoil Inevitable In Mahagathbandhan”: BJP’s Giriraj Singh

“Political turmoil is inevitable in the Mahagathbandhan. Even we are closely monitoring what’s going on in the media. Today, our National president will be visiting. When a political activity takes place, it is only natural to have good and bad implications for society and political parties,” Union Minister Giriraj Singh told news agency ANI.

“BJP is not a mute spectator but is seriously monitoring the situation. When the situation becomes clear, BJP will take a decision on the leadership,” he said.

JDU MLAs Meeting At Nitish Kumar’s House Begins
A meeting of JD(U) MLAs and leaders of the party has begun at the residence of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in Patna, reports news agency ANI. 

Meeting Of Bihar BJP MLAs Underway At Patna Party Office
A meeting of Bihar BJP MLAs and leaders of the party is underway at the party office in Patna, amid political developments in the state.

“Will Follow Central Leadership’s Direction”: Ex-Bihar Deputy Chief Minister
On political developments in the state, former Bihar Deputy CM and BJP MLA Tarkishore Prasad says, “The central leadership is keeping an eye on this. I won’t be able to comment on this. We will follow the directions of the central leadership.”

Nitish Kumar To Address JD(U) MLAs, May Resign After That: Sources

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is likely to resign after chairing a meeting of JD(U) MLAs at his official residence on Sunday, party sources said.

Mr Kumar is expected to address the meeting after 10.30 am, they said.

Following the meeting, he is likely to visit the Raj Bhavan and submit his resignation letter to Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar. He will then stake claim to form a new government with the BJP’s support, they added. (PTI)

“Thank you Tejashwi”: Lalu Yadav’s Party Puts Out Ads In Bihar Newspapers

Faced with the possibility of imminent loss of power in Bihar, the RJD on Sunday put out full-page advertisements in newspapers to “thank” its young leader Tejashwi Yadav for his contributions as the deputy chief minister.

“Dhanyawad (thank you) Tejashwi,” say the advertisements put out in Hindi, from “state unit of Rashtriya Janata Dal, Mahagathbandhan Parivar”, in an obvious bid to boost the image of the 34-year-old leader, whose father Lalu Prasad heads the party.

The RJD, which emerged as the single largest party in the 2020 assembly polls, ended up in the opposition since the Mahagathbandhan, which includes Congress and three Left parties, fell short of a majority. (PTI)

Bihar Political Crisis: JDU MLAs Start Arriving At Nitish Kumar’s House
JDU MLAs have started reaching Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s residence for the meeting. Nitish Kumar has called a meeting of its party legislators at 10 am.

“Have Worked Extensively For People Of Bihar”: Lalu Yadav Party’s Leader

On the current political situation in Bihar, RJD leader Mrityunjay Tiwari says, “… The people are watching everything and will keep a record of all this. The work done in the last 15 months with Tejaswi Yadav as deputy CM can never be forgotten. This is our achievement… We don’t need to tell anyone the true face of BJP. BJP said all its doors have been closed (for Nitish Kumar) and now they have again opened all doors… We have worked extensively for the people of Bihar, and our work speaks. We will keep working…”

“Things Will Come Out In Open When…”: Lalu Yadav Party’s Leader
Amid political developments in Bihar, RJD Spokesperson Shakti Singh Yadav told ANI, “Lalu Prasad, Nitish Kumar and Tejashwi Yadav had together formed the mahagathbandhan government in Bihar…In line with its traits, BJP started taking interest in Bihar politics. It was drooling for power in the state and started conspiring for it. When the resignation (of Nitish Kumar) will take place, things will come out in the open.”

Bihar Political Crisis LIVE: BJP MLAs Arrive At Party Office For Legislative Meeting

Bihar Political Crisis Live Updates: Bihar BJP MLAs have started arriving at the party office in Patna for a meeting. The BJP will be holding a meeting of its legislators today as Nitish Kumar is expected to resign today as per sources. Party national president JP Nadda will also be arriving in Patna today.

MLA Ram Singh says, “Meetings are going on Lok Sabha elections. The decision that comes from the top will be implemented. JP Nadda is coming here…We will win all 40 seats…”

Rahul Gandhi Should Do Some Self-Introspection: JDU Leader On Bihar Crisis
JD(U) MLC Neeraj Kumar says, “Rahul Gandhi of the Congress party has the right to take out a padayatra but the results of that padayatra – when he went to Bengal, Mamata Banerjee was sidelined and now when he is about to enter Bihar, the political scenario is changing here. So, Rahul Gandhi should do some self-introspection that where is his strategy failing so that wherever he goes, the allies start drifting apart.”

“Anything Is Possible In Politics”: BJP MLA Amid Bihar Turmoil
When asked about recent political developments in Bihar and speculations around Nitish Kumar, BJP MLA Motilal Prasad told ANI, “I have no such details with me. We have a meeting at 9 am and I have come for that…Anything is possible in politics, but no such decision has come before us. So I won’t be able to say much about it…”

Amid Political Turmoil, Nitish Kumar May Meet Governor Today

Amid the ongoing political turmoil in Bihar, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is likely to meet the Governor today, say sources.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has reportedly sought time to meet the Governor this morning and is likely to break away from the Mahagathbandhan government, per sources.

Although the Bihar CM is mum over his next move, speculations of a rift between Mahagathbandhan and JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar joining the NDA, have been soaring high.

Notably, the Bhartiya Janata Party will also hold a meeting with its MLAs and MPs in Patna at 9 am today to chalk out the strategy over the latest political situation in the state.

The ruling JD(U)-RJD-Congress coalition in Bihar is on the brink of collapse, as there is likelihood that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar could cross over to the NDA again, the alliance he parted his ways in 2022 to form the ‘mahagathbandhan’. (ANI)

Bihar Political Crisis: BJP High-Command Clueless, Says Bihar Party Chief Amid Turmoil

BJP Chief Samrat Choudhary on Sunday dismissed the speculations about Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar potentially rejoining the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), which could lead to the collapse of the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ government in Bihar, stating that the party high-command has ‘no clue’ about it.

“Neither has Nitish Kumarji resigned nor has anybody withdrawn support. Only if something happens, then we will have any information. At present, the BJP wants to assess the situation of Bihar and then, we will make a decision accordingly,” Mr Chaudhary said while speaking to reporters in Bihar’s Patna.

“We will get informed only if Prime Minister Narendra Modi receives information regarding the same,” he added.

Bihar Political Crisis Live: Jitan Ram Manjhi’s Party Asks For Two Ministerial Posts
“…The way our party talks about the poor and works among them…we feel that our party should have at least two posts for our ministers. In such a case, we will be able to provide better services to the public. The aspirations of the workers should be fulfilled. Our leaders are standing with the Prime Minister,” Hindustani Awam Morcha (HAM) leader Shyam Sunder Sharan told ANI. 

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