‘No one can abolish Sanatan Dharma, even Mughal emperor Aurangzeb could not’: UP CM Yogi reacts

Yogi targets DMK over Sanatan Dharma row
Image Source : PTI/FILE Yogi targets DMK over Sanatan Dharma row

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday said no one can abolish ‘Sanatan Dharma’. While addressing the Shri Krishna Janmashtami programme in Lucknow, the CM asserted even Mughal emperor Aurangzeb could not uproot the Sanatan Dharma. He said a few people were making attempts to defame the Hindu religion.

“Attempts are being made to point fingers at the Sanatan culture. But they forgot ‘Jo Sanatan nahi mita tha Ravan ke ahankaar se, Jo Sanatan nahi diga tha Kans ke ahankaar se, Jo Sanatan nahi mita tha Babur aur Aurangzeb ke atyachar se vo Sanatan in satta parjeevi se kya mit payega’. (the Sanatan that could not end by Ravana’s arrogance, the Sanatan which did not surrender to Kans’s arrogance, the Sanatan which did not bow to the atrocities of Babar and Aurangzeb, that Sanatan cannot be abolished by those who only care about the power) They should be ashamed..,” he added.

DMK minister Udhayanidhi Stalin had compared the Sanatan Dharma with diseases like dengue and malaria, a comment that sparked a backlash from political parties.

“At present, when the entire nation is progressing in the right direction, respecting its heritage and moving forward with a new energy, some people are not liking it. Now that the country is getting recognised on the international platform, some people are not liking it…,” he said.

DMK’s A Raja likens Sanatan Dharma to leprosy and HIV

Meanwhile, another DMK leader A Raja on Thursday escalated ‘Sanatan Dharma’ row by comparing it with leprosy and HIV disease.

Sanatan Dharma is a social disease and is more deadly than leprosy and HIV, he said.

Tamil Nadu CM defends his son

Amid a raging row across the country over his Cabinet colleague Udhayanidhi’s remarks, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin on Thursday said his son had expressed certain comments about the “inhuman principles” preached in it and accused the BJP of being ‘desperate’ to create division in the mega opposition bloc, the I.N.D.I.A alliance.

Pro-BJP forces, unable to tolerate Udhayanidhi’s stance against oppressive principles, have spread a false narrative, alleging he called for the genocide of people with Sanatan thoughts, Stalin said in a statement and wondered why Prime Minister Narendra Modi would also join those targeting the Tamil Nadu minister.

“Udhayanidhi Stalin expressed certain comments about inhuman principles preached by Sanatan. He expressed his views on Sanatan principles that discriminate against Scheduled Castes, tribals and women, with no intention to offend any religion or religious beliefs,” he said.

“The Social Media mob nurtured by the BJP has widely circulated…falsehood in northern states. However, Minister Udhayanidhi never used the word ‘genocide’ in either Tamil or English. Still, lies were spread claiming so,” Stalin added.

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