Pixel 8 Series Could Get A New Camera UI This Year

Last Updated: August 21, 2023, 16:43 IST

San Francisco, California, USA

Pixel 8 from Google could get this important update

Pixel 8 from Google could get this important update

Pixel 8 series is expected to launch in October this year, with the vanilla and Pro models part of the lineup.

Google Pixel 8 phones could finally see a major change this year. We already know about the hardware specs of the new Pixel 8 series launching in the coming months, but now a new report hints at a major overhaul of the Pixel’s camera interface. The last major change of the camera UI was one in 2019, so the news of further updates is welcome.

Pixel phones have evolved with their imaging tech but equally reliable for videography as well, which will now reflect in the camera UI with different mode toggle for photo and camera. So, it is likely that Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will offer varied modes that can be put to use for taking still photos and videos.

Another big difference you might notice with the camera UI is the placement of the Gallery and camera switch buttons, now in line with other Android smartphones. You have the gallery option on the left side, while the camera switch from back to front is on the right.

Speaking of videos, the Pixel 8 camera UI could also simplify how you access the different stabilisation modes while shooting a picture or video. The main settings will also cater to new features that Google could bring on the new Pixel 8 series, especially the Pro model which usually gets a triple rear camera module.

Google has usually launched the Pixel phones around October in the past few years and we expect a similar timeline for the Pixel 8 series launch as well. The new Pixel phones are tipped to get some design tweaks to make them curvier than the Pixel 7 series, and also offered with new hardware specs.

Google could continue using the Tensor chip for the Pixel phones, with the third-gen SoC hopefully better with power management. The Pixel 8 Pro model could feature a thermometer-like feature, placed next to the cameras at the back. Android 14 could make its public release on the Pixel 8 lineup out of the box.

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