President Biden’s 2024 State of the Union address

President Joe Biden on Thursday will address Congress and the American people in what could be the most consequential speech of his presidency, seeking to boast about his first term while also warning the country about what he views as a ruinous threat to its very existence.

While State of the Union addresses have typically been opportunities for presidents to present themselves at their most bridge-building and presidential, the primary results on Super Tuesday, which effectively consolidated the 2024 campaign into a two-man race, gives this year’s speech a political hue.

Here’s what to watch for in the president’s speech:

Touting his economic record, even if Americans aren’t perceiving a windfall

The United States economy has outperformed experts’ expectations since a year ago, when many economists thought it would be undergoing a recession right now. That hasn’t happened for a variety of reasons. It’s not looking like it will anytime soon either with an unemployment rate that’s stayed below 4% for the past 24 months. But Americans aren’t feeling so optimistic. In survey after survey, they’ve conveyed strong disapproval of the state of the economy, something Biden has struggled to wrap his head around. Inflation is at the core of their consternation.

Failed border deal and abortion rights provide a contrast with Trump

Following the failure, at Trump’s urging, of a bipartisan deal that would have included significant border concessions from Biden, the president promised to make his case directly to the American people – blaming Trump directly for an issue that many Americans say is their top concern heading into November.

Biden will have his largest platform yet to do so on Thursday.

Here’s a glimpse of what else to expect in this evening’s speech.

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