Rockets Roar, Gaza Less Than A Km Away


A series of rockets roared in the sky as an NDTV crew made their way to Gaza, the blockaded strip where Israel is fighting an all-out war against Palestinian groups. Just a kilometre from the Israel-Gaza barriers, the journalists witnessed a series of rockets being deflected by Israel’s air defence system.

Several roads are barricaded and led to traffic jams, the journalists saw, giving a real-time account of the situation in Israel.

A video of the incident shows NDTV’s Kadambini Sharma running for shelter as a loud rocket roar is heard when she’s shooting a video. Keeping their calm, the journalists can be seen running towards the shelter while recording the happenings.

As soon as they reach the shelter, several other rockets can be heard being launched from Gaza.

The crew, among the first Indian journalists reporting from war-ravaged Israel, were also forced to take shelter when a rocket exploded near their hotel late at night.

The war escalated when the Hamas group launched 5,000 rockets at Israel from Gaza. Israel responded with air strikes and has started mobilising soldiers in preparation for the next phase of its retaliation.

The death count in Israel has surged above 1,200 from the worst attack in the country’s history, while Gaza officials have reported 900 people killed so far. Israel’s army also said it had recovered the bodies of around 1,500 Hamas operatives inside Israel. Hamas said late on Monday it was prepared to kill hostages that it had taken if Israel attacked.

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