This 51-year-old pays $725 a month to live in a ‘luxury tiny home’ in a backyard—take a look inside

I never pictured myself living in a tiny home, but now I can’t imagine my life without it.

In 2018, my marriage of 18 years ended. I had been living in a four-bedroom, three-bathroom, 3,000-square-foot house near Boulder, Colorado with my now ex-husband, our two kids and dogs.

I was ready for a change of scenery. But the houses for sale in my area were out of my budget, so I had to get creative. When I saw a trend of tiny houses on social media, I was immediately intrigued and decided to go for it.

Today, I live in a 520-square-foot house with a modern farmhouse interior, and I have a community of 160,000 followers on Instagram, where I share tips about the tiny house lifestyle.

How I built my tiny home on wheels

Me in front of my tiny home on move-in day!

Photo: Jen Gressett

Due to the pandemic, there were supply chain delays and increased cost of materials. And the shell needed a lot of exterior repair work before the builders could finish the inside.

But in January 2021, it was finally ready for me to move into.

Natural light and space for art add harmony and balance.

Photo: Jen Gressett

I spent almost double what I had planned, but it was still significantly less than the traditional houses that I initially looked at.

Overall, it cost me around $175,000 to build the home, which included the prefabricated shell structure, labor and material costs.

To pay for everything, I used the $85,000 I got from the sale of my home (my husband and I split the profits) and a $90,000 loan from a close friend.

I pay $725 a month in housing costs, which covers a parking space (in the backyard of someone’s home, which I found through a local Facebook group), internet, water and electricity.

A look inside my luxury tiny home

I live in a $35,000 tiny home in my backyard in Atlanta, Georgia - take a look inside

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