This Video Of Massive Snakes Fall Through Ceiling Is ‘Straight Nightmare Material’

Last Updated: November 21, 2023, 17:36 IST

This old clip of the massive snakes has resurfaced on the internet. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

This old clip of the massive snakes has resurfaced on the internet. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The snakes can be seen swinging down the wall, their bodies entwined around each other, as people shout in terror.

One of the most feared species on earth, a mere look at this limbless and cold-blooded carnivore can send shivers down your spine and instill fear in everyone. Whether poisonous or not, virtually everyone dreads snakes, and for good reason. Snakes come in many sizes, with some being extremely venomous and lethal, while others are aggressive. Snakes are often found outdoors, although there have been reports of the reptiles nesting inside people’s homes. In one such case, a Malaysian family discovered three gigantic snakes lurking in the ceiling of their home. A video of the same went viral in February this year, and it is making its way to several social media platforms again.

Three enormous snakes in Malaysia slipped out of a family’s roof, as shown in this jaw-dropping video. At night, the family heard weird noises at their house, so they called an emergency crew, according to

The video begins with a snake catcher using a rod to remove a massive snake from the roof. In an attempt to encourage the snake to come out, the second handler bangs on the ceiling with a rod. The roof collapses seconds later, but what’s more frightening is that it wasn’t a tiny snake but a massive one, and it’s not alone.

Surprisingly, two enormous snakes dangle from the remaining ceiling. Screams can be heard in the background, and the snakes can be seen hanging from the wall, their bodies entwined. The video was first shared on TikTok and then re-posted on X (Formerly Twitter).

Watch the video here:

“At that point, you gotta burn the house,” was the caption on the post. The video went viral, sending chills down netizens’ spines. The clip was shared on February 13, 2023, and it has amassed more than 20.7 million views on X.

What occurred next is seen in a longer version of the video, as per NDTV. One of the workmen managed to catch the tail of one of the snakes and bring it down as it tried to slither back into the roof area. Eventually, the reptile was taken out of the room and down the corridor, NDTV adds.

“I’d move THAT NIGHT!! And never come back!” a user commented. While another wrote, “This will give me nightmares!”A user stated that, “Yep there ain’t no way back man that whole house got to go and you got to move out the entire country too.”

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