Viral Video: Vloggers Set Up Table, Serve Food Inside Mumbai Local

Viral Now: Vloggers Set Up Table, Serve Food Inside Mumbai Local - Internet Reacts

(Photo Credit: Instagram/ katariaaryann and sarthaksachdevva)

Mumbai’s local trains are one of the most iconic parts of its culture and identity. For Mumbaikars, the “locals” are more than just a means of transportation. Over the years, they have come to symbolise many of the complexities of city life. Recently, two vloggers caught the internet’s attention when they set up a makeshift ‘restaurant’ inside a Mumbai local. The viral video has taken the internet by storm, sparking a wide range of reactions online. Find out more about it below. 

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In the Instagram reel @katariaaryannand @sarthaksachdevva, the two content creators share glimpses into the unusual Mumbai local dining experience they had curated. They tell us that after much planning, they designed and distributed special invitation cards. In the video, we can see the card inviting people for the “grand opening” of “Tasty Ticket”. The card specifies free meals for everyone and contains details such as the date, time, venue and contact numbers. They approach several passengers on station platforms to explain the project and invite them to try it.

On the opening day, the vloggers dressed up as restaurant servers. They set up a small folding table in a local train compartment and covered it with a white cloth. Next, we see them serving two passengers dishes such as jalebi with oregano and Maggi with ketchup. The diners are provided with cutlery to relish their meal. The creators claim that they managed to create a bond between the two strangers through their actions. Later, they served them dessert and asked for their feedback. Watch the complete reel here:

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The video has received more than 907K views so far. Instagram users have been left quite amused with the idea. Some have praised the vloggers’ creativity while others have been left unimpressed. Many people have jokingly dared them to try to replicate the experience during peak hours. Others have been left wondering how they managed to get such an empty train. Check out the reactions below:

“One day when I miss a train:”

“Ek min… Inko resturant setup karne ke liye train me jagah mili kaise?” [“Wait a second… how did they manage to get space for setting up a restaurant on the train?”]

“Do it in Virar local, after 6 pm.”

“Do this on a Monday at 8 at Dadar station.”

“Soo good ya but justice for dabba ka shape vala maggi.”

“Absolutely innovative and amazing. Kudos to the team.”

“I just want that part when TC arrived

“Pls do this in Navi Mumbai.”

“Bro offended the Western Railway, the BMC, the FSSAI and Gordon Ramsay simultaneously.”

What did you think of the idea? Let us know in the comments below.

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