‘We stand with you’: PM Modi extends praise to team India, Australia after World Cup final

PM Modi
Image Source : FILE PHOTO Team India and PM Modi

In the aftermath of the World Cup final, Prime Minister Narendra Modi commended the Indian cricket team for their remarkable talent and unwavering determination throughout the tournament. Despite India’s loss to Australia in the finals, Modi expressed solidarity and pride in the team’s spirited performance.

In a post on the social media platform ‘X,’ the prime minister conveyed his support to Team India, stating, “Dear Team India, your talent and determination throughout the World Cup was noteworthy. You’ve played with great spirit and brought immense pride to the nation.” Modi, who had traveled to Ahmedabad to witness the final match, assured the team of the nation’s enduring support.

In another post on ‘X,’ he said, “Congratulations to Australia on a magnificent World Cup victory! Theirs was a commendable performance through the tournament, culminating in a splendid triumph. Compliments to Travis Head for his remarkable game today.”

Australia achieved a remarkable feat by successfully chasing 241 runs in just 43 overs, with Travis Head’s exceptional innings of 137 off 120 balls playing a pivotal role in their victory. The prime minister’s messages reflect the recognition of both teams’ efforts and the significance of their contributions to the tournament, emphasizing the positive spirit of sportsmanship that unites nations even in the face of competition.


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