Woman Prepares 88 Dishes For Janmashtami Celebrations; ‘True Devotion’ Says Internet

Last Updated: September 08, 2023, 14:58 IST

 Last year, the woman prepared 75 dishes. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Last year, the woman prepared 75 dishes. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

A woman from Mangalore showed her devotion on the auspicious occasion like never before. She prepared kale chane, ladoo, barfi, peda, jalebi and other dishes.

On September 7, people across the nation came together to celebrate Janmashtami, a significant Hindu festival marking the birth of Lord Krishna. Devotees commemorated this day with great enthusiasm and engaged in various rituals. These rituals included cleansing and adorning their Krishna idols in new and splendid attire, as well as offering delectable dishes that were beloved by Lord Krishna. Many individuals also observed a vrat (fast) on Krishna Janmashtami, breaking it with a grand feast at midnight.

In a heartwarming testament to her deep devotion, a woman from Mangalore has captured the internet’s attention with her extraordinary dedication to Janmashtami. She prepared an astounding array of 88 dishes, demonstrating her profound reverence for the festival and her devotion to Lord Krishna.

The remarkable story was shared by Dr. P. Kamath, the Professor and Head of Cardiology at KMC Hospital Mangalore, on X (formerly known as Twitter). Dr. Kamath, used his platform to showcase the exceptional devotion of one of his patients, a lady residing in Mangalore. In his post, he unveiled that this woman meticulously crafted a sumptuous feast as an offering of love and devotion to Lord Krishna. The photos shared by Dr. Kamath featured a mouthwatering assortment of dishes, including kale chane, ladoo, barfi, peda, jalebi, and more.

“Proud of her and her devotion to Lord Krishna. She is my patient. She has again broken her previous record. 88 dishes were prepared last night for Gokulashtami,” read the caption of the post.

Take a look at the pictures here:

As soon as the pictures were shared, they quickly gained immense popularity, accumulating 8,37,000 views. A bunch of reactions flooded the comments section as people praised the lady for preparing the incredible feast on Janmashtami.

An individual wrote, “Amazing… No one can reach to place where devotee reach.. Even God can’t. Hare Krishna.”

Another user added, “Embracing the spirit of festivity and spirituality! Such dedication to Lord Krishna’s celebrations is truly inspiring! It’s heartwarming to witness her devotion and culinary talents shine through once more, with a remarkable 88 dishes for Gokulashtami. May her devotion continue to flourish.”

“Our culture has taught us, Seva is best way to incline to Moksha.. Few takes path of Bhagavan Seva and few like you Dr.Kamath , takes path of Manavaseva (Madhavaseva). All the paths of Seva unite with Parabrahma,” read a comment.

One of the persons mentioned, “It’s true devotion and the happiness one gets in feeding the lord and the worshippers.”

The doctor also shared images of his patient from the previous year, where she prepared 77 food items.

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