Zomato Unveils New Dress Code For Female Delivery Personnel

International Women's Day: Zomato Unveils New Dress Code For Female Delivery Personnel

Snapshot of the kurtas introduced by Zomato for female delivery personnel.

Zomato has announced a new dress code for its female delivery personnel on International Women’s Day. Taking to Instagram, the food delivery company revealed that female drivers now have the option to wear kurtas. The post, featuring a video showcasing the new attire, went viral and garnered numerous comments, impressing many.

“Starting today, Zomato’s women delivery partners can choose to wear a kurta,” the company stated in the caption of the post.

“Many female delivery partners expressed discomfort with the western-style Zomato t-shirts. So, we gave them a choice,” the food delivery company specifies.

The video showcased female delivery drivers adorned in the newly introduced kurtas, expressing their appreciation for the company’s gesture.

Shared just a few hours ago, the video has already amassed nearly three lakh views, over 46,000 likes, and several comments, with many commending Zomato’s progressive initiative.

One individual remarked, “Zomato, you nailed the marketing game. You touch hearts like no one else.”

Another commented, “This change is long overdue.”

“How cool. Empowerment looks different for everyone,” expressed a third.

“Has to be one of the most heartwarming videos I’ve watched in a long time,” a fourth user said.

“Nice initiative, but I hope you are working towards decent wages, a good work environment, and facilities for your employees, as many delivery partners complain about unfair wages and working conditions,” a fifth said.

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